Colorbond Ultra Matt

Stylish yet classic, eye-catching yet subtle, COLORBOND® ULTRA MATT is a one-of-a kind steel roofing that greatly reduces the solar light reflection in a specular manner, minimising unwanted solar glare while maximizing visual comfort. Imbued with a matt finish, the ULTRA MATT series combats concentrated light rays by diffusing it, greatly reducing the light intensity after the reflection, exuding effortlessly stunning look by reflecting less. 

MATT finishes: 
Matt finish features paint finish with gloss unit of less than 10, to drastically reduce specular reflection. There are two kinds of light reflection - specular reflection and diffuse reflection. A specular reflection occurs when light is reflected in a concentrated, mirror-like manner, while a diffuse reflection is a scattered and unfocused reflection of light. New trend for steel roofing with stylish matt finish, suited to address the unwanted glare from sunlight common in urban areas. The stylish yet one-of-a kind steel roofing greatly reduces the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), ensuring unwanted solar glare diffused effectively, reducing heat and maximizing comfort. Clean COLORBOND® ULTRA MATT is also imbued with features such as high dirt resistance, chalk resistance, gloss retention, infra-red technology, anti-fungal properties and solar reflective technology.