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Strong Communities

Creating strong communities is one of BlueScope's five sustainability outcomes. These outcomes reflect the sustainability challenges and opportunities that matter most to our stakeholders and will drive our success. And they form the basis of our annual Sustainability Report. BlueScope understands the responsibility of being a major community employer and partner. Across the globe, we actively promote local participation and collaboration between our employees and our many communities, to the betterment of our business, our people, society and the future.We employ local people, invest in local community projects financially and in-kind, use a mix of national and local suppliers, and support economies more broadly through taxes and other government payments. Our strength comes from choosing to do what is right. We acknowledge the unique values of our local communities and seek to understand and work constructively with them through active partnership, mutual respect and long-term commitment. We actively seek opportunities to share our successes with the communities in which we operate. We endeavour to consult and communicate openly with relevant stakeholders.

We believe that our actions should reflect the respect we embrace for the diverse range of people and cultures with which we work. Through best practice systems like our Community Relations Management Plans, we continue to assess and deliver on our promises, as well as identify further opportunities for improvement. Read more in the related sections below.Many examples of our commitment to the community can be found in our Community video, BlueScope News stories and in our Sustainability reports. For information about the activities supported by BlueScope please refer to the Strengthening our local Communities guidelines.You can read our Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy below or download a copy here.