In conjunction with the BlueScope brand, we are also famous for some of our leading product brands. COLORBOND® steel (since the 1960’s) has been one of the leading names in the building and construction industry, known widely as a versatile, high quality steel building material used mainly for roofing and walling. Ongoing product development has ensured that COLORBOND® Steel remains the market leader. Clean COLORBOND® steel was developed to meet ongoing market demands. Some of the key attributes added over time include:

Dirt resistance
Chalk resistance
Gloss Retention

Thermatech® Technology

Thermatech® solar reflectance technology is incorporated in Clean COLORBOND® steel to lower surface temperature by absorbing less heat from the sun. In other words Thermatech® is able to reflect the solar heat off roofing material.
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is a numerical value used to represent a constructed surface’s ability to reflect solar heat. The SRI for standard black is 0 and a standard white is 100. Higher SRI values indicate a roof whose surface temperature is lower.
Thermatech® technology optimizes the thermal performance of every colour without changing their appearance. The roof therefore consumes less energy for air-conditioning and helps to mitigate the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect.



Beautiful, durable and versatile, it lends itself to a wide range of building products and applications – everything from roofing, walling and guttering, fences, sheds and warehouses, and even specialist architectural panels for distinctive cladding applications. We manufacture Clean COLORBOND® steel in coil form and sell to various rollformers throughout Africa who manufacture anything from roof sheets including corrugated, I.B.R. concealed-fix profiles etc to rainwater goods.

Since Clean COLORBOND® steel is user friendly and versatile; its applications are endless and only limited by the imagination. Be it urban or rural, industrial or residential, Clean COLORBOND® steel can be used in projects which feature prestigious roofing and walling, architectural panels and buildings accessories to highlight the excellent building designs. For further peace of mind, each product is individually branded on the bottom coat to ensure that you receive the genuine material. If your good name is on the line, make sure ours is on the steel!

Clean COLORBOND®  is also available in various ranges for different applications.