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Sustainable and Enduring Business

Being a sustainable and enduring business is one of BlueScope's five sustainability outcomes. These outcomes reflect the sustainability challenges and opportunities that matter most to our stakeholders and will drive our success. And they form the basis of our annual Sustainability Report.The global steel industry is cyclical, experiencing technological and socio-economic shifts, operating in a global environment constantly changing. We must take a long term view, while at the same time, make decisions in timeframes aligned to the life cycles of our assets, respond to cyclical lows and economic shocks, and take advantage of opportunities to deliver more returns throughout the cycle. We aim to deliver adequate and growing returns, through strong performance, growth in profitable business, and creating value for our shareholders, customers, employees and our communities.

Our evolving corporate strategy to transform, grow and deliver, supported by sustainable business practices and strong governance, including risk and financial management frameworks, are vital if we are to remain an enduring successful business, especially during times of uncertainty and disruption.Read more in the related sections below. You can also refer to our latest Sustainability Report.