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Responsible Products and Supply Chains

Maintaining responsible products and supply chains is one of BlueScope's five sustainability outcomes. These outcomes reflect the sustainability challenges and opportunities that matter most to our stakeholders and will drive our success. And they form the basis of our annual Sustainability Report.Working with our customers, our broader supply network and research institutions, our optimised product forms part of a critical circular economy. We have a proud heritage of product innovation, working to enhance the beneficial use of our products, reduce material usage and extend product life. We support a circular steel economy, developing products that are made efficiently, are kept in use for as long as possible, and then recovered for recycling at end of life. BlueScope recognises that to create a strong, sustainable and successful business, we need to foster and expect collaborative, well governed relationships, business practices and conduct from ourselves and from our supply chain partners.

Throughout the supply chain, we’re committed to responsible business practices and conduct that creates, protects and builds long term environmental, social and economic value for all stakeholders involved in bringing our products and services to market.We consider both financial and non-financial elements when considering sourcing decisions, and we will choose products and services that have lower environmental and social impacts over their life cycle compared to competing products and services.Read more in the related sections below. You can also refer to our latest Sustainability Report.