Sitari Country Estate

Sitari Country Estate

UVEST mandated the use of Colorbond® Ultra MATT steel for this prestigious development.


Comprising of different residential nodes including Apartment buildings, sectional title homes and free standing estate properties, this development had to choose a quality yet beautiful roofing and cladding material, that will ensure longevity and retain colour and performance over an extended development period.

The Estate also comprises of a CURRO Academy cladded in Colorbond® Ultra MATT Steel.

Apart from the quality, aesthetic and performance properties of Colorbond® Steel, it is also Solar Ready, allowing post installation of Solar Water Heaters and Photovoltaic cells without affecting the material’s performance*.

*Please consult Technical Bulletin 36 – Guide to good practice – Steel roofing and Photovoltaic panels

Project details

  • Residential
  • Address: Sitari Country Estate
  • Project Architect: Developer: UVEST

Products used in this project