Ackermans Head Office

Ackermans Head Office

COLORBOND® Ultra MATT AZ200  - Sonata, Granite & Iron MATT were chosen for this prestigious headoffice building.

The design team and Ackermans Group decided on using Colorbond® Ultra MATT steel for this project, due to it’s low gloss level which minimises reflection as well as its superior appeal. Additional benefits in the form of Thermatech™ and Clean Technologies, allow the building to stay cooler and cleaner for longer.


The superior colour fastness and adhesive strength of the Colorbond® Superpolyester coating ensures that the building retains it’s colour and coating for an extended period of time.


Whilst the topcoat ensures long-term aesthetic appeal, the underlying Zinc/Aluminum alloy coating protects the Colorbond® Steel from corrosion. The combination of world-class coating and steel protection technologies, ensure that the structure meet performance expectations.  

Project details

  • Commercial
  • Address: Kuils River (Western Cape)
  • Project Architect: R&L Architects

Products used in this project