Benefits of Zincalume Steel

Our Good Name Protects Your Good Name

By harnessing its world leading technological resources, BlueScope Steel is continually looking at ways of improving ZINCALUME® steel.

So, when you choose ZINCALUME® steel you can be confident that you’re also reaping the benefits of our intensive multi-million dollar research programmes, and BlueScope Steel’s local knowledge of the performance demands for steel building products.

Decades of Proven Performance

Launched in 1976, after extensive research and development, ZINCALUME® steel continues to set the standards for corrosion resistance and long life. It’s been proven to stand the test of time because it was designed to withstand the rigors of various climatic conditions. In fact, for two decades BlueScope Steel has monitored the product’s performance across a wide range of climatic conditions using exposure test sites and infield inspections.

A Significantly Longer Lifespan

ZINCALUME® steel was developed after extensive research into improving the traditional performance of galvanised steel. By blending aluminium with zinc in an alloy coating, Bethlehem Steel researchers discovered a way to greatly enhance corrosion resistance. BlueScope Lysaght researchers enhanced the production process. As a result, our extensive testing programme indicates that ZINCALUME® steel’s lifespan is up to four times that of ordinary galvanised steel.

Cost Effective

Lightweight, versatile and durable, ZINCALUME® steel is the smart building choice, delivering long-lasting performance at a cost-competitive price. That’s why, for two decades leading architects, engineers and manufacturers have put ZINCALUME® steel to work on everything from industrial buildings, steel framing and home appliances through to garage doors, guttering and roofing.

Nationwide Availability and Support

When you specify ZINCALUME® steel from BlueScope Steel you can rest assured that help is usually just around the corner. BlueScope Steel has a full range of technical bulletins that can provide a practical guide to the correct use and maintenance of our products backed by a team of technical professionals.

Every sheet is backed by a BlueScope Steel Warranty*.

With up to four times the lifespan of ordinary galvanised steel, you can be confident that ZINCALUME® steel will keep your next project, and your reputation, looking good for years to come.

Award Winning Style That Helps Build Your Business

It’s not surprising that projects designed using ZINCALUME® steel have won countless architectural awards over the years. With ZINCALUME® steel’s legendary durability and strength you can be confident you have the right solution for your project.

It’s a Design Classic in the Making

ZINCALUME® steel offers designers the unique combination of value for money and incredible design flexibility. Whether your next project is being created for a purely functional application or for leading edge design ZINCALUME® steel makes it easier to create an enduring design classic – from roofing and walling, garage doors, house framing and steel home appliances. Not to mention guttering, and press formed components.

Delivers Guaranteed Performance

ZINCALUME® steel is the result of extensive research into methods of improving the performance of traditional galvanised product. Well known for its spangled surface, ZINCALUME® steel is familiar around the world for offering high levels of corrosion resistance for all kinds of buildings and manufactured products.

BlueScope Steel’s Advanced Coating Technology

The coating on ZINCALUME® steel comprises 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. It has excellent forming capabilities and is available in high strength grades. It also provides a superior surface for painting.

BlueScope Steel’s Computer Controlled Coating System

BlueScope Steel’s coating mass control technology is amongst the most advanced in the world. A sophisticated coating mass gauge is linked to a computer in a closed loop control system ensuring accurate control of coating mass.

Rollforming Benefits

The special resin coating means that additional roll forming lubricants are significantly reduced. Wear and tear on rolls and dies is reduced and surface marking during rolling is also minimised.

Performance and Durability

You can use ZINCALUME® steel with confidence. It’s easy to paint, handle, store and install, with corrosion resistance that’s up to four times greater than that of ordinary galvanised steel.

Extraordinary Mark Resistance

The resin coating on ZINCALUME® steel provides excellent mark-resistant qualities. For the rollformer, roof fixer, builder or manufacturer, marks from sweaty hands or moisture are a thing of the past. Boot and scuff marks are virtually eliminated. The result? A better looking product for the consumer.

Look for the branding that identifies the long-lasting guaranteed performance of genuine ZINCALUME® steel.

Meets South African Bureau of Standards (S.A.B.S. approved)

ZINCALUME® steel is manufactured to the most stringent production standards to ensure the product’s superior performance and long life. It meets S.A.B.S. standards and is backed by BlueScope Steel’s guarantee of quality. So when you ask for ZINCALUME® steel, you can rest assured you’re specifying the best.

Installation and Storage

When installing ZINCALUME® steel, nails, rivets, swarf and metal filings must be removed at the end of each day’s work. Lead or copper based are incompatible materials that may induce corrosion where moisture or condensation are present. Leaves, dirt, timber and rags should not be allowed to accumulate on the sheet surface. They can also retain moisture and release corrosive materials. Although the resin coating on ZINCALUME® steel minimises wet stack storage staining problems, it’s good practice to keep ZINCALUME® steel dry in transit. Store it clear of the ground and under cover. If packs should become wet, wipe the sheets dry and allow air circulation to complete the drying process.

Ease of Fastening

When it comes to fastening, ZINCALUME® steel can be bent, folded, stamped, punched or crimped. Integral fastener systems include seam, tab and recess and extruded interlock systems. For pierced fixed applications we recommend fasteners that comply with AS3566.

A Joint Effort

The best sealed joints for roofing and rainwater products are made by using neutral-cure silicon sealants in conjunction with mechanical fasteners such as blind rivets. For more information on recommended sealants, contact your sealant supplier.


The compatibility of ZINCALUME® steel with other materials is similar to that of the traditional zinc-coated steel sheet. The exceptions are lead, copper and stainless steel which can cause corrosion of the coating. Lead washers, lead-headed nails and lead flashing should not be used.

BlueScope Steel’s Two Way Protection System

ZINCALUME® steel protects the steel base in two ways. Firstly, the aluminium component of the coating provides a tough physical barrier between the extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core of steel. Secondly, the zinc in the coating protects the steel at cut edges and scratches. Galvanic action causes zinc compounds to automatically build up at cut edges and around scratches through an electrolytic reaction when water or moisture is present. It slows the rate at which the surrounding coating is consumed around exposed areas. This effect is sometimes referred to as the ‘self healing’ property of coatings containing zinc.

Atmospheric Testing Proves Four Times Longer Life

Atmospheric exposure tests confirm in correct application, the corrosion resistance of ZINCALUME® steel is far superior to that of ordinary zinc coatings, lasting up to four times longer in an identical environment. BlueScope Steel’s intensive research and development process includes real-life testing sites that have been in operation for decades to constantly monitor product performance.

This simple checklist is your guarantee of the superior BlueScope Steel difference.

  1. Made only by BlueScope Steel
  2. Meets South African building standards
  3. S.A.B.S. approved
  4. Product performance is field tested
  5. Supported by a BlueScope Steel warranty*
  6. To make sure your product is from BlueScope Steel; look for the ZINCALUME® steel brand mark